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Anna Salenko

EVERY PAINTING TELLS A STORY - this is the idea of my art.


My story began in 1990 in the city of  Vladivostok, Russia. I remember the bright sun, the sea, the white foam of waves, the mountains and cool fresh breeze. 

Often, I think about expressing these memories using colors, and these are the bright colors that I try and infuse in my work. They inhabited my mind and were placed there long before I decided to become an artist.

After graduating from the classical art school, I entered the IED university, Milan, Italy. It was there, in Italy, in an atmosphere of creativity, that I discovered the world of art. In the historical land of great masters, I started develop my own style,  palette knife technique. This tool has been my main tool  in the creation of light canvases and colorful details for over 10 years.

In 2014, I moved to south China. Memories from my childhood, warm southern climate and blue sea inspire me. Here I finally cleared my own style in painting. My work is a contrast of colors and their combinations.  And the life stories, that rightfully occupy the main role in the paintings.  

I currently live in Hong Kong. I have always dreamed of starting my own company dedicated to art and its spread. In 2019, I founded Live With Art . Now it is a young, ambitious and creative company, organizes projects aimed at in-depth study of Hong Kong. Now I continue developing my company, I exhibit my works, take part in collaborations and share knowledge through workshops. 

My paintings have received recognition. They adorn the collections of my clients all over the world. The studio where I work is located away from the city, in a quiet and picturesque area among the mountains and the sea, which resonates with the rich colours of my work.

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