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Claudio Edinger

Claudio Edinger (b. 1952) began photographing in 1975. He is the author of 22 books including the “History of Fine Arts Photography and Modern Painting”. 


He has received twice the Leica Medal of Excellence, the Hasselblad Award, the Higashikawa Award (Japan), the Ernst Haas Award, the Life Magazine Award, the Marc Ferrez Award, the Porto Seguro Award, the Ernst Haas Award among many others. 


His photos are in the collections of LACMA (Los Angeles), Maison Europeénne de la Photographie (Paris), MASP, MIS, MAM and Itaú Cultural (São Paulo). He has had more than 80 exhibitions in the USA, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

About these images:


"In 1996 I went to Hong Kong to print “Carnaval” — at that time it was much cheaper to print there — even with shipping and a stay of five weeks — the time it took to get the book ready there.


I took the opportunity to photograph the city that the following year would return to Chinese rule (it was British at the time)". 


Each edition is of 5 prints only, plus 2 artist's proofs (reserved for museums and important collections).  

All come framed, with a limited warranty and a certificate of authenticity.

Planet Hollywood

Size: 90 x 90 cm

CE 01 Planet Hollywood.jpg

Public Showers at Deepwater Bay

Size: 90 x 90 cm

CE 02 Showers Deep Water Bay.jpg

Cityplaza Mall

Size: 90 x 90 cm

CE 03 Cityplaza Mall.jpg

Hakka Woman

Size: 90 x 90 cm

CE 04 Hakka Woman.jpg

Hong Kong Buses

Size: 90 x 90 cm

CE 05 Hong Kong Buses.jpg

Rio de Janeiro

Size: 120x 80 cm

CE 06 Rio de Janeiro.jpg

For more details or to request an interview with the artist, please contact Bárbara Tavernard:



Phone/Whatsapp: +852 6281 1787

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