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Jimmy Lai

Artist Jimmy Lai "Monkey PI series" interpretation

Life should be colorful and starry. Life is always very tired and makes you want to escape. If one thinks about problems with childlike innocence, many troubles will become easy to solve it, so the eyes who have been accustomed to the dark can get used to color and light again, Monkey Pipi Series of works is expressed and created by combining the schema with popular network vocabulary, conveying a certain emotional state and inner emotion of modern people. Through childlike innocence to find and reveal the connection
between art and society, art and life, people and the world, the ultimate meaning is to realize ourselves, not only to express emotions, emotions also express themselves, not only to express colors, colors also tell you.

For more details or to request an interview with the artist, please contact Bárbara Tavernard:



Phone/Whatsapp: +852 6281 1787

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