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Joao Paulo de Arruda Feldman

DESNORTEADO means bewildered in Portuguese. It is a series of paintings produced by João Arruda, between 2014 and 2016.
Born in São Paulo – Brazil, the artist shows his relationship with the hometown, using images that reveal old social tensions
and personal restlessness. The landscape of São Paulo is the main element in his compositions, showing an
invasive environment, made of damaged structures and conflicting forms.

The process of this work begins with a series of photographs, shot in several streets of São Paulo. João Arruda focuses on architectural elements, unfinished buildings, viaducts beams, traffic signs, marks on sidewalks and mildewed walls, scenes that refer to a state of disorientation and wear of the city. The images are selected and classified into categories, after that, they are clustered and transferred to a set of digital compositions, formed by multiple layers and overlapping fragments. At last, he paints on the printed material and assembles in different types of surfaces.

The project DESNORTEADO culminates thirty years of work as a multimedia artist, including performances, set designer, video and digital art. In 1988, João Arruda immigrated to Europe, living the first year in Lisbon. After that he settled in Amsterdam, where he ended up staying a total of twelve years. During this period João Arruda developed several works as graphic artist and musician. He played in important theatres and festivals in Germany, Belgium, England, Austria, Spain, Greece, among others. Today, back to his homeland, he adds this foreign experience to look from a necessary distance, getting at the same time a wide and detailed view of São Paulo.


as visual artist, videomaker and musician

São Paulo – Brazil

2014-2013: Céu e Inferno – a multimedia theatrical show involving music, dance and visual arts, transcribing the experiences of the writer Aldous Huxley, based in two of his most revered books: ‘’ The Doors of Perception“ and ” Heaven and Hell “.
2012: Literary-musical shows Fragmentos de Meteoro at the Cultural Center O Barco – tribute to the work of Jorge Mautner (Brazilian Poet).
2010-2007: Video installation and projection for the contemporary dance show Anjo Novo, a winner of Funarte – Klaus Vianna Award for Dance – and Development for the city of São Paulo. Presentations in Centro Cultural São Paulo and Olido Theatre.

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
2005-2001: Playing as musician with the group Estereomono. Electro-acoustic music.

Amsterdam – Holland
2000-1998: Played in the musical Hair in 30 years commemorative tour, co-directed by its author Jim Rado. There were more than 150 shows in

Europe and the Middle East
1997-1990: Played with latin instrumental jazz Alchemy – German saxophonist Praful Schröeder; trios Choro Combinado with the Americans saxophonists Paul Stocker and Michael Moore and the Brazilian guitarist Rogerio Bicudo.

São Paulo – Brazil
1987: Assistant scenography CPT (Theatre Research Centre) – director Antunes Filho – Teatro SESC Vila Nova in São Paulo.
1984: Exhibition of drawings at the Centro Cultural São Paulo.
Exhibition of paintings at the Carbono 14 Cultural Center
Exhibition Artistas Brasileiros pelas Diretas – Folha de São Paulo.

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