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Ray Wong

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RAY.WONG is a Hong Kong sculptor who has been deeply influenced by Renaissance art and film special effects.

He studied under the famous sculptor Zhu Dacheng. With many years of experience in commercial production and licensing, his works are diverse in styles and he is skilled in using different materials for art creations, specialising in human body sculpture. 

His craftsmanship is precise and intricate.


Early in his career he successfully crowdfunded the “Journey to the West” board game, which showcased his international vision within traditional Asian culture. This was a great success and made him a record holder in Hong Kong, with his works selling well in many European and American countries.


Currently, he is exploring the connection between traditional artistry and technological development, seeking balance between traditional techniques and abstract concepts.

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For more details or to request an interview with the artist, please contact Bárbara Tavernard:



Phone / Whatsapp: +852 6281 1787

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