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Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair 18-20 May: UPDATE

Tavernart will have stall D9, at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair on 18-20th May 2018, HKCEC, Wanchai. Amongst our offerings are new artworks from Carlos Rezende, shown below. Please come along and say hello!

Notes on ‘PATTERNS PROJECT’ from Carlos Rezende

The Patterns Project (tempera paintings), which was exhibited in Zurich and now in Hong Kong in a new series, proposes, in addition to technical advances regarding the use of tempera, Preservation by Representation. There are references to Brazilian Nature, which we must preserve in order to be able to portray it. Birds of the Cerrado and Fishes of the Amazon is my theme. The structure of the grid design, superimposed on layers and colored later is (was) in the origins, referenced in the Roman works of William Morris and Wenzel Peter, an Englishman and an Austrian, who, like me, breathed the air of the main Italian city. This Patterns Project goes toward the anti-natural fantastical realism, the inverse path of oriental craftsmen hired by the Hindu and Chinese nobility, where this practice originated. Bringing elements of nature to the home environment is an act of advertising for Preservation. Exposing in Western Chinese regions returns the Patterns from where they emerged as artistic practice.



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